Tenant Working Groups

AIC’s Tenant Working Groups program brings low-income communities of tenants together to create forums for discussion and to identify and train leaders who will promote constructive dialogue and action to improve housing standards by engaging stakeholders and providing tenants with a unified voice.

The Tenant Working Groups are made up of participants in our Leadership Schools specifically interested in working on landlord and tenant issues. The groups are organized by neighbourhood, and focus on identifying common issues and finding root causes. This model involves more direct civic engagement than the Leadership Schools. The groups are supported in building partnerships with other community stakeholders in order to reach a larger audience for their concerns. The groups are largely locally focused, but are not limited in joining forces with other tenant working groups in order to problem solve on a larger scale. The tenant working group model allows participants to learn about specific civic processes on multiple levels, and how to successfully engage with government processes to improve conditions in their neighbourhoods.

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