Recent Projects


Maytree Foundation
Policy research to support issues impacting people living in poverty, including employment, housing, financial services, and access to the Internet; and designing and producing materials for the ACORN National Leadership Summit.

Omega Foundation
Conducting outreach and connecting low-income families nationwide with the Canada Learning Bond.

British Columbia

Vancouver Foundation
Digital Economy research around improving the health outcomes for low income earners in Canada related to telecommunications policy architecture.

Nova Scotia

Flemming Foundation
Engaging community members in Halifax, Dartmouth, and Spryfield in leadership development workshops around housing as a social determinant of health.

Sisters of Charity – Halifax
Pilot project to connect low- and moderate-income families in Nova Scotia with unrealized benefits, specifically the Canada Learning Bond.


Atkinson Foundation
Ongoing leadership development in low-income neighbourhoods in Toronto and Ottawa, based on “train the trainer” style skill building, around community-identified issues.

City of Toronto
Development of a Newcomer Parent Action Group to develop solutions for affordable and accessible childcare.

EFTO Humanity Fund
Pilot project training low-income parents digital literacy skills, through six workshops in low-income neighbourhoods in Ottawa.

Hamilton Community Foundation
Connecting low-income families in the Hamilton Centre tenant community to locally-geared civics workshops.

Metcalf Foundation
Building a city wide working group to leverage the capacity of workers denied or vulnerable to needing EI to engage in the policy debate around improving federal EI policy.

Ontario Trillium Foundation
Developing Financial Benefits Centres and establishing a free clinic helping people with disabilities prepare their taxes and connect with other benefits and economic opportunities.

Ottawa Community Foundation
Developing a tax filing service for middle and upper income families, creating a concrete and sustainable revenue stream to recover costs and fund the Financial Benefits Centres for low-income families.