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About ACORN Institute Canada

AIC uses research and training to combat the poverty, discrimination and community deterioration that keeps low-income people from taking advantage of their rights and opportunities.

ACORN Institute Canada is a registered charity with the Canada Revenue Agency, and we work with community partners across Canada to carry out our projects.

Contact:  acorninstitute1 (at) or 416-461-8283

Tenant Working Groups

AIC’s Tenant Working Groups program brings low-income communities of tenants together to create forums for discussion and to identify and train leaders who will promote constructive dialogue and action to improve housing standards by engaging stakeholders and providing tenants with a unified voice.

Leadership Development

AIC’s community leadership development program is a grassroots initiative that aims to build community participation in civic society and strengthen community cohesion in low income neighbourhoods.

We have distilled our  experience into our leadership development workshops that allow us to train and integrate community members into projects for community change.